Music Promotion

For several years, a number of partners and I ran Temporary Structures, an independent music promotion company that brought prominent (and not-so-prominent) national touring artists to Indianapolis.


  • 90 Day Men (Southern)
    … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Interscope)
    Atom & His Package (Hopeless)
    Lou Barlow (Communion)
    Jello Biafra (Alternative Tentacles)
    Black Dice (Troubleman)
    Cerberus Shoal (Temporary Residence)
    Check Engine (Southern)
    Deerhoof (Kill Rock Stars)
    Dianogah (Southern)
    Do Make Say Think (Tree/Southern)
    Drums and Tuba (Righteous Babe)
    Explosions in the Sky (Temporary Residence)
    Fugazi (Dischord)
    The Get Hustle (Kill Rock Stars)

  • I Am Spoonbender (Little Army)
    June Panic (Secretly Canadian)
    Jets to Brazil (Jade Tree)
    Le Tigre (Mr. Lady)
    Ted Leo (Ace Fu)
    The Liars (Gern Blandsten)
    The Locust (Gold Standard)
    Love Life (Troubleman)
    Matt Pond PA (Polyvinyl)
    Mecca Normal (Kill Rock Stars)
    Melt Banana (Skin Graft)
    Metroschifter (Doghouse/Initial)
    Tara Jane O’Neil (Quarterstick)
    Papa M (Drag City)
    Pleasure Forever (Sub Pop)
    The Poster Children (SpinArt)
    Q and Not U (Dischord)

  • Radio 4 (Gern Blandsten)
    Red Monkey (Troubleman)
    Shellac (Touch & Go)
    Shiner (DeSoto)
    Shipping News (Quarterstick)
    Silkworm (Touch and Go)
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (Seeland)
    Spaceheads (Merge)
    Swearing at Motorists (Secretly Canadian)
    Sweep the Leg Johnny (Southern)
    Victory at Sea (Kimchee/Southern)
    We Ragazzi (My Pal God)
    Wesley Willis (Alternative Tentacles)
    The World/Inferno Friendship Society (Gern Blandsten)
    xbxrx (Kill Rock Stars)

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