The NFL Ratings Dip Explained: It’s Just Laundry

The NFL Ratings Dip Explained: It's Just Laundry

There’s been a great deal of talk in sports media lately about declining ratings for the NFL. Did Deflategate turn people off? Is it Colin Kaepernick’s fault? Do Millennials just not watch TV?

To anyone asking these sorts of questions, I would recommend you tune into tonight’s prime time matchup with the Bears and Packers and just observe the suck.

Maybe it’s because the NFL offers an uninteresting product beyond regional interests and people are getting hip to the fact that they’re just rooting for laundry.

The league has made almost all entertaining aspects of the game (celebrations, removing helmets) subject to fines and suspensions. They expect to generate revenue and ratings from faceless, autonomous robots.

I guess that stands to reason, given the turnover due to short- and long-term injury, not the least of which is awful, irreversible brain damage. Let’s not discount the at-event pricing of concessions and souvenirs/memorabilia.

What if the NFL kept throwing a party and no one came?

No personalities, no uniqueness, just laundry.

Everybody’s all up in arms about Odell Beckham Jr.’s behavior. “He’s selfish.” “He’s narcissistic.” “He wants the cameras on him.” “He feels he’s more important than the team.”

You know what? He’s the most interesting and engaging factor on the Giants roster. He’s the only reason people are talking about that garbage team at all. And he’s doing so without having shot anyone or beaten up his girlfriend/wife/whatever.

No Fun League indeed.

Give me Terrell Owens, Ronnie Lott, Chad Johnson, Joe Namath, Lawrence Taylor, Randy Moss, and their ilk any day.

The best thing about the NFL season is that it is quickly followed by NBA and NCAA basketball. That’s where the action is.

Posted on October 20, 2016 in Sports

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